Smart Box

Solving a national crisis

Securing exams using technology

MBBS first year medical admission test is the largest public examination in Bangladesh. Every year hundreds of thousands of students enroll in the exam as the ultimate test to realise the dream. In numbers, 100,000 ++ students sit for the exam at 55++ locations dispersed across the whole nation. But a syndicated group of miscreants have been consistently leaking questions of medical examination. The hard working and meritorious student’s dreams were being sold off and a national crisis arose as nationwide protests erupted questioning the credibility of the authority. How do you solve a National Crisis that has been there for 7 years. We solved that in 7 days! We designed a custom IOT device that could send alerts if the boxes carrying questions a day before were opened illegally hence making the boxes smart. This is an example of how IOT can be leveraged in solving a national crisis.


Intelligent Alert

Custom sensor used to sense illegal opening

Live Monitoring

Enable remote location visibility of question carriers

Visual Map

Providing visual map with all critical data points

Managed Cloud

Ensuring managed solution for our clients

Case Study