Transforming Admission Exams : How Technology Revolutionized Talent Evaluation

Once upon a time, in a society plagued by a troubling dilemma, a question arose: What should one do when faced with an emergency at a hospital, only to find that the doctor in charge is overwhelmed and incapable of handling the situation? It was widely believed that the most talented and dedicated individuals in society pursued careers in medicine to serve the community. However, with a lack of proper evaluation and oversight, how were these individuals being admitted and chosen for such critical roles? The consequences for society were dire, as this incompetence had the potential to act as a silent killer, silently wreaking havoc on the populace. It was a national issue that demanded attention, but the question remained: How could it be resolved?

Amidst the chaos, innovation was the key. In the year 2015, the term “IoT” (Internet of Things) was just a buzzword, floating around in conversations. Yet, amidst the countless individuals who merely saw it as a passing trend, a few remarkable individuals recognized its potential as a solution to this national crisis. In a stroke of genius, they conceived a plan to integrate IoT technology into the healthcare professionals intake system. The question was how to tackle a crisis that had plagued the nation for seven long years. Miraculously, within a mere seven days, they devised a bespoke IoT device known as the SMART BOX.

The SMART BOX was designed to address the security concerns surrounding exams, such as leaked question papers and corruption issues. Bondstein, the leading IoT company in Bangladesh, took up the challenge and offered innovative exam security systems powered by IoT solutions. One of their most noteworthy achievements was the implementation of SMART BOX solutions in the entrance exam for medical and dental students conducted by the Directorate General of Health Services. This initiative proved to be a game-changer, surpassing all previous milestones in ensuring the integrity of the exams.

The challenges faced by Bangladesh were immense. With a limited number of seats available in medical facilities throughout the country, the MBBS first-year medical admission test was the largest public examination in the nation. Over 100,000 students appeared for the exam at more than 55 locations nationwide. However, a group of miscreants had been systematically leaking examination questions, tarnishing the dreams of hardworking and deserving students. The nation was gripped by protests, as the credibility of the authorities came under scrutiny.

The SMART BOX emerged as the solution to these challenges. It was a tracking device embedded within a simple box, but its capabilities made it incredibly smart. Bondstein had developed a comprehensive IoT solution that effectively addressed the security concerns. The SMART BOX enabled multiple organizations to track and manage the movement of question papers securely. It provided real-time information on the location and status of the boxes through a user-friendly dashboard.

At the heart of the SMART BOX were the smart box sensors. These sensors, integrated within the box, utilized live location tracking technology and advanced sensors that could detect specific events. Whenever the box was under specific conditions, the sensor immediately sent notifications and SMS alerts to the authorized user’s phone, detecting any unauthorized access or tampering.

To facilitate the system, a dedicated data server and SMS server were incorporated into the solution. The server played a crucial role in relaying information to users. 

The Impact of the solution: 

Bondstein’s smart box technology has brought about significant improvements and advantages for maintaining the proper environment of the exam as well as preventing the leakage of the question papers and maintaining safety at a higher rate. The impacts are : 

  • Mitigating the risk of question leakage: The Smartbox service can easily demolish the risk of question leaks of any public exam. The Unwavering Solution: 100% Success Rate in 7 Years of Implementing a Robust and Scalable Talent Evaluation System
  • Real Time Monitoring: Smart box can provide real time route and history to users to maintain a designated route.The integrated system can notify us the status of the box and alert if it moves beyond the allowed zone.
  • Increasing the visualization: The device can be updated by integrating a camera module to monitor any unwanted incident. As the whole system can be monitored and thus the visualization can be achieved more than before.

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This article was written by Safayet Samir