Bondstein’s Story

Brief history about the company & our plans for the future

We are the market leader in the internet of things (IOT) industry in Bangladesh helping businesses integrate with connected technology and leverage operational efficiency. We help our customers save time and money through our wide range of products and services. We are an innovation driven company at the core. Our expertise with IOT enabled technologies have enabled us to create benchmarks for our clients in their respective industries. We solve problems that matter. We are creating a future with connected devices. Being the best IOT company in the Asia Pacific region, Bondstein can offer you agility and innovation. Let’s make your business future ready with our technology!

The Misfits

In bondstein, we call ourselves misfits. Unless it’s crazy, ambitious, delusional and impossible, it’s not worth our time. We take on challenging tasks and deliver them in style. At the core we are driven by innovation. We love to build solutions to make a better future for our generation. The mix of youth, experience and agility is what makes us truly unique. We have one of the best technology teams in the industry who manages more than 100 million data transactions to provide a seamless IOT experience for our customers. Our operations team can respond round the clock to any query anywhere in Bangladesh and other operational areas within the promised time to our customers. We are a customer first company. We have a full suite research and development team to focus on innovative approaches to customer problems. We understand that every problem is unique in its own way and to address them we cannot always offer a single solution that fits for all. We are backed by our assembly unit where we have surface mount technology (SMT) machines, reflow ovens and other technologies that are required to fabricate any circuit that is required. We are a team that doesn’t stop on the roadblocks. We have a heart like James Bond and a brain like Einstein, that’s why we are Bondstein!

Our company’s mission is to create access to technology for everyone and make the internet of things (IoT) more useful.

Our company’s vision is to create a network of connected devices and ensure ability to remotely monitor and control them through a secured process

Our Values

Integrity as the basis of any relationship

Innovation at the core of every service

High performance is what we strive for permanently

Quality in our solutions & products

Sustainable Growth to ensure long term impact