We are primary data producers in the telematics industry. We found that Bangladesh is one of the highest accident prone countries. We planned to harness the power of data and make our roads safer. Unilever Bangladesh Limited, the FMCG leaders in the industry has their distribution network spread across the whole nation covering even the most hard to reach areas. Such excellence in the market is led and supported by an extensively large fleet of transports. In the wake of the digital world, now more than ever UBL needed a sophisticated and enhanced solution to go beyond a traditional fleet management system and track every little detail and actions to result in a comprehensive solution for ‘Safe fleet’. Driving safety is one of the most crucial things when it comes to occupational safety. At Bondstein, we shared UBL’s concern about ensuring safety of the employees and the organization against potential risk and offered them ‘Drive Mark’ – a state of the art solution. 

DriveMark is a flagship product of Bondstein which is on a mission to keep our roads safer. It analyzes driving patterns in real time through the telematics dataset. It generates intelligent alerts and marks the driving score against each driver. DriveMark is capable of detecting harsh acceleration, harsh braking, rough cornering and lane changes in real time. Advanced telematics solution can also enable DriveMark with Excessive honking, seatbelt tracking and real time overspeed alert inside the car. DriveMark is an example on how we can leverage IOT and data points to make the roads safer.

Business Impact:

  • Reduced accidents by 90% on the vehicles subscribed to DriveMark
  • Introduced driver reward program under DriveMark
  • Making roads safer in real time


Driver Scorecard

Generate driver ranking based on their driving data

Intelligent Alerts

Raise flag on any aggressive driving behavior

Trend Analysis

Track a driver’s historical driving trend on the cloud

Make Roads Safer

Reduce chances of accident and make roads safer