IOT Lorawan Parking

When technology saves time to find a parking spot- Robi Axiata Limited

Problem Space: Parking in Dhaka is a pressing issue at a national level where illegal parking is directly causing increased traffic jams and is equally challenging for individuals who bear the cost in terms of time and fuel consumption. So far solutions to Parking are largely inefficient in terms of operations as well as costly, making it unsustainable and not adaptable by the mass. So how do you address one of the most pressing issues ensuring scalability, acceptability and affordability?

Our Solution: Bondstein Technologies Limited took on the challenge, pioneering the first-ever “LoRa WAN” based parking solution to accelerate digital transformation . The solution effectively addresses all challenges at the business end and the consumer end. 

At the business end, innovating in the problem space, our solution overcomes the deployment, maintenance and scalability challenges. One can easily deploy this solution without any wiring. And once deployed, one can totally forget about it because unlike other solutions, LoRa WAN technology based parking sensors consumes very low power lasting at least 24 months without any power charging. It updates firmware on the cloud reducing time on field and cost of maintenance significantly close to zero. Moreover, one gateway can connect up to 3000 devices within a range of an unbelievable 3KM in line-of-sight and 500m in non-line-of-sight.

Thanks to our sophisticated software backed by powerful hardware, this complete solution offers end-users a wide range of functionality. It offers real-time information updating on occupancy and availability. Now customers can easily look for parking spaces, check availability and book in advance if required. Such high-level visibility and detail has significantly removed the hassle of searching for a parking space and removing unnecessary cost on fuel. Such cost-effective, time saving, high value for money solutions will encourage mass adoption.


Business Impact:

  • Facilitated more than 10,000 cars to be parked each month
  • 20% time saved while trying to park 
  • Reduced human intervention on parking management 
  • Increased parking revenue by 30%


Firmware Updates Over the Air (FUOTA

Low latency period with consistent and all-time data exchange

Connecting up to 3000 devices on a single gateway

Software with upto 25 features for live analytics and visibility