Every year in BD, thousands of people die in need of emergency blood transfusion. In case of medical injury, it takes only 6 minutes for a human brain to run out of Oxygen. In an operation theatre, life of a patient may lead to severe damage within 15 minutes if sufficient blood isn’t provided. The traffic condition of our country is so poor that it becomes inconvenient for blood donors to reach the ones in need of blood within suitable time. To set a context, it takes, on average, two hours to reach Dhaka Medical Hospital from Uttara on weekdays. While there are thousands of interested people willing to donate blood, the main cause that is hindering such noble donation process is proper reach of information on time in between patients & donors along with a solution to provide shortest possible time needed for a donor to reach the patient.

Lifeline – a service which connects the blood donors & receivers directly within the shortest possible time & distance. Once tapped by a user, it sends a SOS to the nearest 100 donors of same blood group. In case of emergency, you get to find the 10 donors contact.