Problem Space: Portable generators are a key element that keeps the power running in the telecom and communication sector against all odds. There are more than 30,000 base stations all around Bangladesh through which all telecom operators maintain their connectivity. To ensure seamless connectivity, the telecom operators need to deploy portable generators and fixed diesel generators on vehicles. On an average, every day more than 1000 generators are used to ensure more than 3000 hours of alternative power supply. But the problem is these huge resources are manually operated and reported only depending on those who run it. Furthermore, there is no way to track and monitor these resources to ensure transparency. This causes losing operational efficiency and results in cost surging and waste of resources for our client Edotco which is the largest telecom infrastructure company in Bangladesh.

Our Solution: We addressed this problem and came up with a simple yet powerful solution. We deployed a smart IoT device in every portable generator which is directly powered by the generator itself. But the game changer is the online platform. We developed an intelligent web platform which analyzes the data feed from the devices and provides live analytics which helps the managers to manage the generators’ operation more efficiently, to track the generators in real-time, to monitor the generator run hours in real-time and to optimize cost by preventing misuse. The smart IoT device consists of GPS Module, GSM Module, DAC measurement Module, and vibration Sensing Unit and main processing unit. The device has a backup battery for providing support even when it’s out of power and data storage to store data when data network is not available.

Business Impact:

  • Saved 8% operational cost by increasing visibility 
  • Central visual map of nationwide operations
  • Stopped rental hours leaks through detecting dry run


Activity Tracker

Log all events of a generator on the cloud automatically

Cloud monitor

Monitor directly via the cloud to understand actual consumption

Analytical Reports

Get analytical reports directly on the dashboard

Save Operations Cost

Managed packaging solution with commercial mold or 3D print