Dual awards @ Bangladesh Innovation Award 2022

Bondstein Technologies Limited has received 2 Awards in Bangladesh Innovation Award 2022 which was organized by Bangladesh Innovation Conclave, an initiative by Bangladesh Brand Forum. In this National Award ceremony honorable chief guest was Mr. Salman F Rahman, MP, Private Industry and Investment Adviser to Hon’ble Prime Minister, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Mr. Zunaaid Ahmed Palak, MP, Honorable State Minister, ICT Division, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Mr. Atiqul Islam, Honorable Mayor, Dhaka North City Corporation adorned the event as the Honorable Special Guests.

Champion-Best Innovation, Social Service

Crack Platoon Transport Service by Bondstein Technologies Ltd

Bangladesh saw its first case of COVID-19 on 8th March 2020. A nationwide lockdown was imposed on 26th March. But the front liners needed to attend their duties. As all means of public transport were restricted, uncertainty loomed over all the medical professionals to reach their workplaces. There were idle vehicles but those who needed it couldn’t get them. The core idea was to connect the stakeholders and structure a free transport service for the front liners so that they can reach their workplaces without any hassle when all the public and private transport services were restricted due to lockdown. There were idle vehicles which were used to transport company employees but did not have any work due to lockdown. The problem of transporting the front liners was also not addressed by the authorities. So, we thought of connecting the dots and creating a service for those who needs and who are needed to fight the situation. Within 3days of the lockdown, Crack Platoon was launched, a free transportation service for medical professionals. DBL Pharmaceuticals provided transport vehicles. The volunteers of Earth Foundation and Bondstein worked relentlessly to execute this huge operation. The Directorate General of Health Services authorized this and managed all the permissions in the shortest possible time. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals could book a free round trip from their house to their workplaces. The operation was managed by tracking every vehicle and efficiently planning routes automatically by a system developed by Bondstein Technologies in the shortest possible time. The vehicles and the routes could be tracked in real time by the users for their convenience. The vehicles were disinfected by the Obhijatrik Foundation in partnership with Global Shapers Dhaka Hub after every trip to maintain safety. In 42 days of operation, the platform received 24567 trip requests from 1910 passengers & served more than 5800 trips to more than 100 hospitals in 22 routes covering the entire Dhaka city. The service continued until the lockdown was lifted on May 10th. It received a great amount of positive response from all across the community and from the healthcare professionals who got benefitted.

Honorable Mention- Best Innovation, 3rd Party Education Innovation

Smart Box by Bondstein Technologies Ltd A typical Bangladeshi student waits up to grade 12 of his life and finally gets the result of his hard work, which is the university entrance exam. But a massive drawback came up in the student’s life when the exam papers started to get leaked right before the decision making process. This issue situated people in a questionable state for their future as the next generation was in charge of being the stakeholders of the nation. But no solutions were discovered till then as the problem itself was really unique. Bondstein Technologies, an IoT-based company, has done this impossible task of solving this 7 yearlong problem in just 7 days. “Bondstein’s main goal is to set an example in improving the quality of life of people at all levels through the proper use of technology.” With this goal in mind, they invented the concept of Smart box to free the nation from this major setback.  Bondstein brought it under a tracking system which gave real time notification about the boxes. The question papers were stored in the box from Dhaka till it reached all the exam centers throughout the country and till it got back to Dhaka again. As a result, admission test process became more fair and transparent. Their uncertain future became more secured and they could participate in the exams being content. Bondstein has Established a secure admission exam process, ensuring 0% leakages for 1000000++ students exams, operating in 27 national exams with 0% controversy and 100++ government educational institutes getting this service.