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We bring life to technology. We've always wanted Bondstein to be a place that "would bring" together smart, talented people from "diverse backgrounds" and where you could bring your whole self to work for "doing" something good for the society.

What we do for you
From vehicle tracking to saving life via blood donation - our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find the innovative solution that you need and get the things you need to do done at easy steps.

This means making innovations for local markets which are smarter and faster, so it can understand that when you are not within the reach of 4G speeds. It means making our products and services work intuitively, so that you can spend time on the stuff you are having less time on - like enjoying time with family, traveling in peace, painting a picture or throwing a party.

What we do for businesses
As a start-up company in an emerging and changing industry, we have intentionally designed a conservative plan, looking to ensure the achievement of our corporate goals along with a solid ROI to our investor/partner(s). Bondstein develops, markets and sells miniaturized, low-cost, electronic, remote Devices using assisted GPS/GSM technology. From home to office, we have a large number of product line to serve your needs.

What we have done for the people
We have built mobile app that can save people lives in emergencies; we have built Robot that is dedicated in achieving marketing goals for companies who has less technology friendly resources. Even we work with data that can serve millions of people through our different free services. Last but not the least, we inspire "MISFITS" to bring something good and change the world the way we see it.
Let's work for Tomorrow

We're always on the lookout for "Misfits".

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