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Bondstein's mission is to create access to technology for everyone
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  • Mir Shahrukh Islam & Zafir Shafiee with the Internal Campaign Grand Prix award COMMWARD 2013.
    Photo Credit: Fahad Ibrahim

  • The Trio - made the IMPOSSIBLE hurdle from scratch to the final product and campaign.
    Photo Credit: Internet

  • T.M. Moniruzzaman with Mr. G at the corporate house before launching the campaign.
    Photo Credit: Zafir Shafiee

  We do impossible things at #Bondstein

The starting of Bondstein goes a long way back. In the year 2012, Spellbound and Singularity jointly worked in a campaign to make a "Robot", the first ever humanoid in Bangladesh. It could talk, nod its head, blink its eye and deliver messages. The Robot was used by Global Client to promote the upsides of using Google Mail when they shifted their email servers from Lotus IBM to G-Mail. Singularity played on the technical ground whereas Spellbound acted on the marketing and UX ground. Both companies had the common interest to do something great and tap the product market with a "Made In Bangladesh" product. After a lot of discussion and planning, Bondstein was born.

On a brighter side - Mr. G, the robot, which was developed by SINGULARITY and was part of the Gmail campaign of a GLOBAL client, developed by Spellbound, won the Internal Campaign Grand Prix at COMMWARD 2013 - Excellence in Creative Communication of Bangladesh Brand Forum.

The masterminds behind making this project a great success were the trio who made an impossible idea look so easy - Fahad Ibrahim (Currently studying PhD at University of Hull, UK), Shadman Shakib (Currently working as UX Specialist at Streetsense, USA) and Moin U Pathan (Currently an Independent Producer and Film Maker)

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