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  The playground of misfits - from EARTH

Our meticulous attention to detail makes for better results each and every time. If we think the project is good enough to challenge us — we make sure, we get it done — the simplest way.

BONDSTEIN - Behind the name

The name was inspired by completely two different entity — James bond and Albert Einstein. People sometimes get confused whether it's a GERMAN name or not. The name actually first came in mind around 2009.
Mr. "G" - where it all started

Founders met together to support a new kind of marketing communications — via hardware. The project was completed within 21 days in the year 2012. The very project that later formed into something very big by!
Lifeline - tap to save lives

LIFELINE, initiated in 2013, a mobile app that helps people to get right information about blood availability in their current location, at times, when they need it the most. Objective was to give mass people full access.
The Co-founders

After several ground breaking projects, Founders Mir Shahrukh Islam, M Iftekharul Islam and Md Sadequl Arefeen decided to give life to the concept of BONDSTEIN. By 2013, the team started working.
Vehicle tracking - first prototype

By end of 2013, the team completed more R&D working 24/7 to bring the project to life named "TRACK MY VEHICLE". Due to the opportunity of bulk customization on software and hardware, it got a lot of attentions.
Tracking - introducing innovation

Bondstein started bringing different type of innovation with tracking services from 2014. Even it created innovation for the TAXI fleet in the streets of Dhaka by providing passenger tracking in large scale.
Track My Vehicle - Echelon's Top 100

By the beginning of 2015, Track My Vehicle® was selected for the ECHELON'S TOP 100 in ASIA which is a official recognition of the innovation. The greatest power of the concept is portability and customization.
Taking the big leap

Being involved in different entities Bondstein decided to bring more innovative projects like Taxifinder, Gariwala, Traffic Data analysis with fresh needs from the people. Projects are being launched one by one.
Launching of Taxifinder

It is an online platform to find and book free taxi of Trust Taxi launched in 2015. It allows a person to find available taxi at nearby to be hired. So from now on you don't need to roam around on the streets to find a free taxi.
Advancing Tomorrow

Bondstein wants to connect people to the hardware that you can access. We intent to help people in great scale maximizing the benefits of future technology - Keeping it simple but exciting.
Bondstein Facts


Executive Officers
Mir Shahrukh Islam
Md. Iftekharul Islam

August 19, 2014

House 147, Road 1,
Level 4, Baridhara DOHS
Dhaka - 1206

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