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Bondstein's mission is to create access to technology for everyone
and make internet of things (IoT) more useful.

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How Bondstein works for businesses
A new economic growth, emerging middle class and the rapid adoption of the Internet — particularly through feature phones and, increasingly, smart phones — are combining to reshape many aspects of life in Bangladesh. We plan to build the platform of "Make in Bangladesh" by creating new opportunities and scope of business by giving technological access to mass level. Connect with us if you have anything to build..!

You know your business
Whether you sell in person, online or through an app, you know what you'd like to do next as your business grows. You would always like to have more control over your business. The demand of new market has never been higher. In an ultra competitive marketplace for attracting and retaining the existing and ever growing new consumer base, companies need to do more everyday to stand out from the crowd.
We know technology
As the technology gets even better, we can come up with diversified and whole new level of solutions. Due to the extensive opportunity in R&D, we can connect the solution to the very core of a problem. We build solutions to some of the most complex problems and are delighted to have the opportunity to share the work we are doing, our thinking and insights with other businesses.
Businesses with technology
There is an unprecedented degree of change occurring in society, enabled by technology. The explosion of data combined with ubiquitous connected devices, fast improving analytics capabilities, user attitudes and machine automation is bringing in a technological revolution that challenge the position of virtually every established organization. Bondstein makes the bridge in between people & technology.

  Risk Intelligence Analysis
We've adding new capabilities to FUEL consumption to the product of Track My Vehicle®. It will that help businesses understand exactly which of their vehicles are utilizing the office resources properly. The updated Fuel Consumption Measurement tool helps businesses make more informed logistics choices, so they can continue to grow their business. Also it can rectify and inform drivers' behavioral summation in a summery to the management. Through this risk intelligence assistance the control over the business has never been better. Now — a days BUS fleet owner use this technology to track the drivers in highways and ensure safety for mass people.

Connecting technology with people
Polar Ice Cream, a well known Bangladeshi brand became co-sponsor for the international series of Bangladesh vs Pakistan. Moreover activation was done on roadside with a shout Kiosk developed by Bondstein. In a very short span of time the hype got everyone by surprise. Fans started sharing their supports with the Tigers from all around Bangladesh. Even the Kiosk could also be tracked through GPS on demand. More than ten Thousand fans roared for the Tigers in less than a week from different locations of Dhaka City creating more than millions of impressions.

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