Technology to manage 400 M.Ton waste per day- Dhaka North City Corporation

Problem Space: Dhaka North City Corporate (DNCC) covers half of the capital of the 7th most populated country in the world, Bangladesh. Estimated around 4 million lives in an area of 82 sq km, making it to 50 thousand people per square kilometer.  50 thousand people meant a big challenge for DNCC to manage. But the waste management system was completely manual and there was no central control over it. Estimated average of 5tons of waste is being generated each day that went largely mismanaged. Huge amount of taxpayers money was being wasted redundantly and moreover there were complaints of waste not being cleaned everyday. Track My Vehicle took on  the daunting challenge of solving what has been labelled unsolvable.

Our solution:

We have introduced a customized tailor cut solution catering to the unique needs of the problem and all relevant stakeholders. In-house R&D, Tech and Design worked relentlessly to break down the massively complex problem into pieces and solve it bit by bit. Thus, we saved 30% of their spending and created a whole new method of central monitoring for the waste management authorities. Implementing IoT devices backed by detailed business logic which ensured dynamic reporting and virtual visibility of the field real time.

Business Impact:

  • Savings in fuel consumption upto 7 Million BDT / month
  • Reduced waste to clean time by 23% 
  • Central visibility of all waste station across the city


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